Going away for the holidays? How about a long weekend? Even if you are only going away overnight, we can make sure your pet is well taken care of while you are gone. Our technicians and kennel staff are here morning and evening to feed, walk, and medicate if necessary. Give us a call if you have questions, 503-647-0928, or click here to make your reservation!



What is a zoonotic disease?

You may have heard about Toxoplasmosis being a concern for pregnant women, but there are many diseases that can be shared between you and your pet. They are called zoonotic diseases. Ringworm, Roundworm, Hookworm and Rabies are all examples of zoonotic diseases. The best defense is routine prophylactic pet care including vaccinations and deworming. It's also a good idea to practice good hygiene and encourage your family to do the same. If you have any questions, contact your Veterinarian, Family Physician, or visit the CAPC website. (Companion Animal Parasite Council)


Holiday Hazards

 There are many household items, both inside and outside your home that can be very hazardous to your pet. The holidays bring even more possibilities: 

1. Turkey - bones can splinter easily and cause serious internal damage.

2. Fatty/Greasy food - Turkey skin, roast trimmings etc. can cause serious problems such as pancreatitis.

3. Chocolate - Plentiful at every holiday, but definitely harmful for your pets.

4. Raisins - These sweet treats can cause kidney failure.

5. Alcohol - As an ingredient to a dish or by itself, alcohol can cause a whole host of problems for your pet.

If your pet gets into any toxin or non-food item, it is vitally important to

seek treatment immediately. If possible, have the product label when you

call the clinic or emergency hospital. Different toxins need different

treatments. Another important phone number to have on hand is:



FOR Dogs 

As of 8-11-2021

Our grooming services have been suspended for the time being. Our current groomer is away on medical leave and we are working diligently to get that position filled. We appreciate your continued patience while we find the best candidate. 

Our technicians and assistants are available to trim nails and express anal sacs by appointment. 

​Check back here and watch our Facebook page for updates! 

Dental Care


Dogs and cats seldom develop cavities: however, pets do have major dental problems. The most common dental problem we find is periodontal disease. This condition affects the gums and the tissue surrounding the teeth and is associated with most cases of bad breath in pets.

A proper dental hygiene program begins with an examination of your pets mouth. This will allow the Doctor to assess the condition of your pet's teeth and the Doctor will be able to inform you as to the best way to keep your pet's teeth healthy. In some cases, when the dental tartar is extreme and covering the teeth, it is extremely difficult to adequately assess the condition of the gums until the tartar is removed with dental cleaning.

Your pet's health is very important to us, so please feel free to ask us for assistance. We would be glad to give you an estimate on cleaning your pet's teeth, give you  recommendations for a good dental hygiene program with demonstration and assist you with products to get you on the right track. 

One of us will be happy to contact you by email  within 24 hours. Or call us at: (503) 647-0928

Medical Care for Dogs, Cats, and Exotics

* In addition to dogs and cats, Dr. Tsui can provide care for birds, reptiles, and pocket pets. We are not able to care for large animals, Ferrets, or Sugar Gliders.*


We provide services that range from puppy or kitten care and vaccines to palliative care for the elderly pet. Our focus is to provide quality patient care and quality client care.

  • Vaccines
  • Wellness Exams, broad gauged diagnostics
  • Dental Prophy/Oral surgery
  • Digital Radiology
  • In-house labwork for immediate results and comprehensive off-site results
  • Surgical Procedures
  • In-house Ultrasound Exams
  • On-site Pharmacy for same day refills and immediate start to therapy
  • Laser Therapy for acute and chronic conditions
  • House calls - Suspended during COVID
  • Home delivery for ongoing medications and food