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What is a Consultation with Dr. Tsui?

​If you have a current VCPR (see above) and you need undivided attention from the doctor for a second opinion, detailed discussion, or guidance for your pet. You can set up a phone consultation appointment. These usually take place in the evening and are between 15 minutes (the minimum) to an hour. Prior to the consultation, you will be billed for the entire hour. If the call is less than that, your account will be credited after the consultation.

One of us will be happy to contact you by email  within 24 hours. Or call us at: (503) 647-0928

What is a nutritional consult?

​If your pet has special dietary needs or concerns, it may be beneficial to have a nutritional consult. This is a discussion with the doctor or CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) to determine the appropriate diet and feeding regimen for your pet’s current needs. There is an additional charge for the consult depending on how much time in involved. 

What is a VCPR?

Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship or VCPR is the relationship between the doctor and the patient. To get a prescription (including prescription flea and parasite medication) filled or refilled, or series of vaccines, you must have a valid VCPR. To get a valid VCPR, your pet has to have been examined by the doctor within the last year.